29 Ocak 2014 Çarşamba

A Humanistic Mini Analysis For the Meaning Of Life

Mevlana was a philosopher who had no rigidity to accept people to his philosophy.  Become sinful or have lots of mistakes. Do you have a thought to do something in this life. Then you had the right to go to his school. He was one of the Eastern philosophers who have searched the meaning of life. 

Victor Frankl was a Western therapist who also searched the meaning of life like many others. He survived in the hands of Nazis. The most astonishing point here was that he started helping people while he was in the hands of The Nazis. Why don't you? What's the difference between you and him? What's the threshold that tells you you have no right to live? Is there must be such a threshold ? If you have mistakes and you think they are irreversible then do something good to neutralize them because you are still living. If you die you will lose this opportunity. You can still make mistakes but your intentions are more important than the results of your actions.


What is meaningful for you? Lets accept that your life goals are meaningful. Life gives no special guarantee for you to reach your goals. The possibility of fault always stands there. And if this is unbearable for you then your life will be full of unhappy moments. 

You may have strict rules. Your goals may be a bit or more materialistic and perfectionist. Or other people may have no place in your goals. Which assumption tells you that you will be very happy when you would have reached all your goals in your life? Instead of this, you can search for your values. And you can always do something for your values in your life. Then happiness will have its meaning in the long term course instead of a sudden emotion in your life.You have the right to test this possibility. Because Victor Frankl was a human and you are a human too.


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